Lille may lose his seat in League One

soccer winner tips One of the traditional French teams, Lille, could be thrown into a second league mentioned by live soccer games in the 2018/2019 season because of debts that are not extinguished, according to the team. `The Pesos` have already received a warning from the committee that monitors financial stability in the two professional divisions. The first warning was for them in December when they banned them from making incoming transfers this winter. Unless debts begin and do not agree to this process by March 31, they will be withdrawn from League 1 at the end of the season no matter where they are going to finish the sport.

Lille is currently ranked 17th in France, scoring 25 points in 23 games. Two points below are Toulouse, which is in the relegation zone. If Lille is thrown out for administrative-financial reasons, one of the relegation teams at the end of the season will be saved at their expense.

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