Real returned to the winning road with a tumultuous success for the Spanish Cup

soccer winner tips Real Madrid returned to the winning streets today after losing a 1-0 win as Leganes`s guest in the first match between the two teams in the 1/4 final for the Cup of Spain. Before this match, the `White Ballet` was in a series of 3 consecutive games without winning its bets, but this time Marco Asencio brought a joy to the Madridians with a late defeat in the 89th minute. Zinedine Zidane`s pupils, however, did not impress with their performance and were in a hurry to disappoint their supporters again. They played quite sluggishly and created too few realities in the game, but this time the luck was on their side as the first bar prevented Markos Iorentz from getting his own goal in the 66th minute and then the guests managed to win the minute beforeend with one of his few nice attacks in the game. The hosts staked Claudio Bovue on top of the attack, and behind him were Nabil El Jarre, Javier Erasso and Jose Naranjo.

The guests were expecting a break for most of their stars in this game. They started the match analyzed by today soccer tips with the trio Marco Asencio, Borha Mayoral and Lucas Vasquez in an attack. In the middle of the pitch, Matteo Kovacic, Marcos Iorrete and Danny Sebayos acted.

In the first 15 minutes, nothing remembered. The only more interesting event on the pitch was the injury of Jesus Vaijo, who was replaced by Nacho after he got some strain on the thigh.

Only in the 23rd minute Raphael Varan fired his head but did not find the outline of the opponent`s goal. The hosts did their first shot in the 32nd minute when Eraso decided to shoot at about 25 meters but sent the ball far above the crossbar.

In the 34th minute came the first real goal opportunity in the game. Mateo Kovacic has taken the lead in defeating his opponent and has taken the ball from Ruben Peres, but then he misses the goalkeeper, but he does not miss the outline of the door.

In the 44th minute, Dani Carvajal was ahead of the ball and was shot dead by a defender in front of the door. Seconds before the end of the first half, Marko Asencio pushed a sharp pass in the goal field, but Lucas Vasquez missed the ball and could not find it in the door. The second part started with a chance for the hosts. In the 55th minute Naranjo made a distant and equally imprecise blow.

Two minutes later, Naranjo again broke from the left and centered in the goal field, but Kiko Cassia had a good position and did not allow the ball to reach Leganes in a firing position.

In the 65th minute Marko Asensio decided to shoot from a distance but his shot came directly into the keeper`s arms.

In the 66th minute, luck helped the guests when in one center in the penalty area, Yorente was shortly to score an own goal with the ball thumping onto the crossbar and getting out.

In the 70th minute, Nortin Ambraat fired a shot at the penalty point but sent the ball past the door. In the attack, Lucas Vasquez slipped into the pen and shot a shot but he was blocked by the goalie.

In the 75th minute the hosts missed their best position?

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