Warriors left with a victory from Houston

soccer winner tips Houston turned out to be a tough task for the Golden State, though without his great star James Harden. Warriors won their visit to Texas with 124:114 after Steph Curry and Clay Thompson, assisted by Dramane Green, took care of the victory to be on the champions` account. Rockets, however, had a serious resistance to their rival, who fought for success in the second half of the game. In the ranks of the guests there was also a missing - Kevin Durant did not play in this game, and in his place in the starting five started Andre Iguadala.

Curry scored 29 points, picked up 9 rebounds and made 5 assists in 4/10 in the three-point shootout, while Clay Thompson scored 5/9 from the three to finish a total of 28 points. Dramond Green recorded his third triple-double, after which he was already No. 1 in the club adviced by soccer livescores history in this ranking - 17 points, 14 rebounds and 10 assists. 10 points of the Iguadalas, as well as 12 and 11 of David West and Nick Young, who joined as reserves, added the realization puzzle for the winners.

Eric Gordon started as a host for the hosts who shot 50 threes in this match and ended with 30 points and 7 assists. Chris Paul added 28 and 9 finishing passes while Gerald Green again exploded as a sixth person with 29 points and 8/15 of the three.

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