They make an interesting change in the Primera Liga

soccer winner tips The Spanish Football League`s management plans to make an important change in the Primera Liga. According to Sport, President Javier Tebass and his subordinates are considering the introduction of an asymmetric system in the design of the program. The action is symmetrical at the moment, which means that when the draw for the opponents is rounded round, the program is immediately clear to the end. For example, in the first round Real Madrid falls with Valencia, and in the second with Villarreal, after re-championship, the pairs again meet in the same sequence, but with a home exchange. The plan is before the start of the second part of La Liga to draw a new draw. Thus it is possible for Barcelona and Real Madrid to play against each other in the last round of the first half, and then in the second or third part of the second half rather than at the end.

Asymmetric in nature are programs for example in the English Premier League and the Champions League. The ACSAC scheme is the SHL.

From La Liga they think the championship predicted by contact with winning soccer tips will become more interesting.

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