Borussia`s new coach (E) is pleased with the victory

soccer winner tips Peter Schooger is happy with the win of Borussia (Dortmund) with 2:0 against Mainz 05 in a match from the First Bundesliga. The `yellow and black` interrupted a series of eight consecutive fights without success with Sohger`s official debut on Tuesday night. The specialist praised the work of his predecessor, Peter Bos, who was fired last week for a series of poor results.

`Goats` are the only team without a complete success this season in the championship via partners of soccer win in Germany. `There are a lot of positive things left after Peter Boss, he really left something good here, the team is part of it, and part of this victory is due to him, and no football player has said a bad word about Peter Boss, ` said Stoger.

Success is first for him personally through the campaign. A few days ago, Peter Schooger was fired from Cologne for poor performance. `I am very happy with my first win during the season and I`m very happy to be here, ` said Borussia Dortmund`s coach.

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