In Russia, they propose to change the rule on the limit of foreigners

soccer winner tips Russia`s Professional Football League (SRF) President Sergei Pryadkin said the organization would once again propose a change in the rule for the number of foreigners in the Premier League teams. Currently, clubs have the right to file an unlimited number of foreign players, but at the same time they may be at most six. `We have expressed our position and the decision will be taken by the executive, and we support the idea of altering the limit for foreigners. ` We think the formula `10 + 15` will be the most appropriate, `Praddink said.

If the RPGL proposal is approved, the elite Russian clubs by today soccer tips will now have the right to file a maximum of 10 foreigners before the start of the season, but they will all be able to play at the same time. This idea was already launched in 2015, but then it was not accepted.

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