Heinkes also urged Bayern to change his transfer policy

soccer winner tips Bayern Munich coach Jup Heinkes also believes management should change its transfer policy if it wants to be among the leading clubs from partners of soccer win in the Champions League again. The 72-year-old specialist shares Robert Lewandowski`s view that Bavarians should also start buying stars for crazy money. `Developing your players is very important, but Bayern must also make transfers that cost a lot, ` said Heinkes to Die Welt. For the last few months, President Uli Hunoses explained that the club had no plans to make 100-million-dollar mega payments because that was too much. The most money in history for now, the Bavarians have paid for the Torelis, which was attracted last summer for 41. 5 million euros. Heynke pointed out as a mistake that once the Munichs missed Timo Werner from Stuttgart. At present, the striker is among the strongest players in the RB (Leipzig) and he is the title holder of the Bundestag.

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