Where the goals of Gallegos in La Liga have disappeared

soccer winner tips The hunt of the goalless vanes of the predators disappears. While for most of the players the goal is a sporadic culmination of the appearance of the pitch, for every self-respecting ninth he has acquired the characteristics of a mandatory and regular food ration. There is no better food for this noble tribe of predators to ensure their survival, to obscure them inevitably and to act in the same way as a magnet: it attracts and repels equally unbreakable elements to themselves.
The Spanish League is an environment in which rivals such as Luis Suarez, Cristiano Ronaldo, Karim Benzema and Antoine Grossman are intimately involved, but they have so far recorded incredible recordings for this record;one exact match for CR7 and Real Madrid, two for the Frenchman from Atletico Madrid and three for the Barcelona Uruguayan. They all have seven -;with five less than Lionel Messi;for the first 11 rounds of the championship. This led to an aging mental state and irritated the leaders of their clubs mentioned by soccer livescores , but not the nines of the past.

The player who has a nude instinct and flair is never lost, says Danny Ruiz Basan. In the 1970s and 1980s, Athletic Bilbao`s historic goalscorer recorded 147 accurate hits and gave him the right to comment on the situation in the kitchen. The goal is something innate -;he argues, -;and even if he can not train, the player in his blood holds him for life.
There is no more tangible tandem in La Liga than was made between Rodrigo Moreno and Simone Dzazza in Valencia. They all have 16 goals, one more than Messi and Suarez (3 and 12 respectively), 14 more than Benjema and Ronaldo (1 and 1) and 10 more than Grizzman and Angel Corea (2 and 4). Third place in this chart are Carlos Bacca and Cedric Bacambu (a total of 11) from Villarreal.

Experiencing a period without a goal or failing to clear can lead to confusion -;says Ismail Ursais, author of 131 accurate hits in 17 seasons in Primera with Albacete, Celta, Rayo Vallecano, Espanyol and Athletic. -;The key is to forget your obsession with just pushing. Leaving pure positions can lead you to stop doing the job that leads you to a goal, it can lead you to commit yourself to playing to create things just for you, but not for others. The attackers live by nakedness and this can not be forgotten, but if you do not complete your work, you will not succeed in either part of it or the other.
The obsession to score brought Matador Mario Campes to 126 goals for Valencia and Hercules. With work and serenity these dry series are over. They can last for a long time, but not forever -;argues the Argentine with the same calmness as his colleagues before him. -;The support of coaches and teammates is of utmost importance at these times. They know you, they know what anxiety you are going through.

None of the three former shooters escaped the fact that the general dynamics of the team can both help support the landlord in the drought and harm him if he conceals individual deficiencies in

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