Mladak made both 1: 1 goals between Aussgburg and Leverkusen

soccer winner tips 19-year-old Augsburg defender Kevin Danzo played the lead in home team (1: 1) against Bayer (Leverkusen) in a match from how soccer predictions of the 11th round of the German elite. In an equal match, the Austrian was at the base of both goals.

In the 47th minute he slipped to his penalty area, allowing Kevin Folland to score for the aspirin. Danso, however, did not let his critics point his finger because only two minutes later he took the corner and hit the ball in Bayer`s network for 1: 1. His teammate, Cayeby, then hit a beam, but Leverkusen`s footballers, especially during the first half, made a mistake.

Both teams welcome the break in the championship as neighbors in the middle of the table.



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