Guardiola: I love Napoli, I`m glad we beat them

soccer winner tips Manchester City manager Josep Guardiola topped Napoli with his 4-2 win over Neapolitan. This victory officially ranked Citizens at the 1/8-final in the Champions League, and after the game by archive of soccer predictions Pep said he loves Napoli and is proud to beat him for the second time. To beat Napoli twice in two weeks is an amazing achievement. This is probably the best team I`ve ever met in my career. We tried to close the left flank, but they managed to get us in, and in about 20 minutes they just crushed us. I`m glad we managed to react well, especially after the score was 2: 2. I am proud because I know what team we have won. I love Napoli and their style of play with short passes. They did not leave us any time to think in the first 20 minutes. We did not have the courage to fight them. Our teams are pretty much alike. We love to hold the ball and press the opponent. I`m very happy, especially with our 2: 2 game. Ederson made a decisive rescue against Kaeyhoon. Napoli is murderously dangerous on the left with Hamshik, Gulam and Insynie. I told my players to attack through Zorginio`s zone and keep the ball away from Mertens. Sometimes he was playing, at times - no. In the first 20 minutes nothing happened, said Guardiola.

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