The kiss`s disease has defeated a Spanish national

soccer winner tips Denver`s Spanish wing, Juancho Ernigomez, will be out of play for an indefinite period of time, the club said. Nuggets` basketball player suffered from mononucleosis - a viral disease known as kissing disease.

Ernigomes played a total of 13 minutes in the first two games by soccertipswinner of his team for the new season and in the third was already out of the squad, and was simply told that he was ill. The 22-year-old European will not be able to train between a month and a month and a half as long as the duration of the mononucleosis. Symptoms include fatigue, sore throat and fever. His energy is not at the same level as last year, was the brief comment of coach Mike Malone.

In his recruiting season, Huango left a good impression and in 62 games, the Colorado team achieved 4. 9 points and 3. 13 rebounds for 13. 6 minutes on average. A little more than a month ago, he reached a bronze medal with the national team of Spain at EuroBasket 2017.

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